The Polar Express™ FlyerChief Ready-to-Run Set

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<p><strong>New American Flyer Ready-to-Run FlyerChief Train Set!</strong></p>

<p>Already a cornerstone of Christmas family tradition, The Polar Express™ movie celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2014 with the FlyerChief Remote Control System.</p>

<p><strong>A newly-tooled American Flyer S-Gauge Polar Express Berkshire</strong> with dramatized pilot pulls three illuminated Polar Express Passenger cars. The S Gauge Polar Express Set comes ready-to-run out of the box, including a powerful 36-W 18VDC Wall-Pack Power Supply and all the track you need to get things started. Operate the Polar Express under your tree every Christmas for generations to come, or leave it up all year to enjoy continuous fun, excitement and railroading magic!</p>

<p><strong>Operating your trains has never been easier!</strong></p>


<li>Total control - The “throttle” rotates to increase and decrease speed in both forward and reverse.</li>

<li>Full speed ahead - The red light at the top of the remote is a speed indicator; steady when in neutral and blinking faster as it accelerates.</li>

<li>Long range reception - Even at a distance of 60 feet or from another room,</li>

<li>Special “Sleep” feature - Helps prolong the life of your three AAA batteries.</li>

<li>Multiple frequencies available, so multiple engines can run on the same layout at the same time</li>


<p><strong>Realistic sounds!</strong></p>


<li>Realistic steam chuff sounds are in-sync with steam engine’s speed</li>

<li>High quality speaker housed in the tender</li>

<li>Three sound buttons on the remote to control bell, whistle/horn and customized sounds or announcements </li>


<p><strong>Multi-System Operation!</strong></p>


<li>FlyerChief Remote Control locomotives can run on any LEGACY, TMCC, or conventional transformer layout as long as 18 volts of power is being supplied to the track.</li>

<li>Families can run their locomotives at the same time and on the same track! At 18 volts -- Mom or Dad’s LEGACY/TMCC engine can be controlled with the CAB-1 or CAB-2 Remote Controller while the junior engineer commands the FlyerChief remote locomotive with his or her very own remote controller.</li>


<p></p><a href="" style="text-decoration: underline" target="_blank">Referenced in "Pere Marquette #1225: The Polar Inspiration"</a><p></p><p><sub>THE POLAR EXPRESS and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and ©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s13) </sub></p>

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<Strong>Set Includes:</Strong>


<li>All-new 2-8-4 Berkshire steam locomotive and tender</li>

<li>Coach Car</li>

<li>Hot Chocolate Diner Car</li>

<li>Observation Car</li>

<li>Three straight American Flyer FasTrack sections, twelve American Flyer FasTrack R20 curve sections, and one American Flyer FasTrack terminal section</li>

<li>32W 18VDC Wall-Pack Power Supply</li>

<li>FlyerChief remote control</li>

<li>The Polar Express Bell</li>


<Strong>Locomotive Features:</strong>


<li>User selected operational modes: Conventional AC transformer mode OR FlyerChief™ wireless remote control with AC or DC power</li>

<li>AF Speed Control -- retain a steady constant speed whether traveling on inclines, declines, or flat terrain</li>

<li>On/Off switches for sound, smoke, and transformer/remote operation mode</li>

<li>Locomotive with forward, neutral, and reverse operation</li>

<li>Die-cast metal locomotive body and frame</li>

<li>Die cast metal 6-wheel trucks on tender</li>

<li><strong>Railsounds® </strong>RC sound system with steam chuffing while in motion.</li>

<li>Realistic background sounds, whistle and bell all triggered by remote</li>

<li>Operating headlight</li>

<li>Directional LED on tender (rear light)</li>

<li>Operating coupler on rear of tender</li>

<li>Fan-driven smoke unit</li>

<li>Powerful maintenance-free motor</li>

<li>Two traction tires for added 'grip'</li>

<li>Large "Polar" pilot and headlight lens shield</li>


<Strong>Passenger Cars Feature:</Strong>


<li>Interior illumination</li>

<li>Dual rail collector and flicker-free lighting</li>

<li>Operating couplers on front and rear</li>

<li>Decorated drumhead and rounded viewing platform on Observation Car</li>

<li>Silhouettes in windows</li>

<li>Underbody detail</li>

<li>Simulated snow on roof</li>


<strong>FlyerChief Remote Features:</strong>


<li>Forward and reverse speed control knob</li>

<li>Three buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special crew announcements</li>

<li>Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: S Gauge  
  • Dimensions: Set Length: Approx. 50"
  • Minimum Curve: S36  
  • Road Name:  
  • Road Number: 1225