Rio Grande LionChief™ Plus FT Powered B-unit Diesel

SKU: 6-82305
MSRP: $279.99

<p><strong>LionChief™ Plus: an exciting and innovative twist in classic Lionel locomotives</strong></p>

<p>Just like the diesel that forever changed the railroads, the LionChief Plus FT is ready to revolutionize power on your layout! Each set features a powered and nonpowered locomotive. Both units feature smoke, an ElectroCoupler™ and directional lighting!.</p>

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<li>Conventional or LionChief Remote control</li>

<li>Powerful maintenance-free dual motors</li>

<li>Works with Matching FT AA set remote</li>

<li>Magnetic couplers</li>

<li>Fan-Driven Smoke</li>

<li>Smoke output from four stacks</li>

<li>Speed control</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: O Gauge  
  • Dimensions: Length: A-unit: 13" A-A set: 26"
  • Minimum Curve: O31  
  • Road Name:  
  • Road Number: