Rio Grande Command Control Rotary Snowplow

SKU: 6-81443
MSRP: $279.99

<p>Originally modified from the 30-ton Vulcan switcher, the Rotary snowplow has been part of the Lionel conventional line since the late 1950’s. Now operate in either Command Control or Transformer mode, these sophisticated snowplows now come equipped with an ElectroCoupler and spinning blades that are controllable through any Lionel Command Control CAB unit.</p>

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<li>Command Control equipped – able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode</li>

<li>Vehicle motion, ElectroCoupler, and spinning plow blades are operable from any CAB remote in Command Control mode</li>

<li>Snowplow has its own motor with On/Off Control</li>

<li><strong>ElectroCoupler</strong>™ on rear</li>

<li>Directional lighting</li>

<li>Spinning plow blades</li>

<li>Traction tire</li>

<li>Die-cast metal frame</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: O Gauge  
  • Dimensions: Length: 7 3/4"
  • Minimum Curve: O27  
  • Road Name: Denver & Rio Grande Western
  • Road Number: 443