Northeast Ohio Mixed Freight Ready-to-Run Set

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<p><strong>Start strong in S Gauge with these complete Conventional sets!</strong> Each set features a Baldwin Switcher, assortment of four freight cars including one operating car, 80" x 100" oval of track and transformer.</p>

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<strong>Set Includes:</strong>


<li>6-42599 AF Youngstown Steel Baldwin Switcher #805</li>

<li>6-47961 AF New York Central Boxcar #168245</li>

<li>6-47963 AF Pennsylvannia 2-Bay Covered Hopper #263152</li>

<li>6-49082 AF C&O Coal Dump Car #49082</li>

<li>6-48440 AF Tracking Cleaning Fluid 3-Dome Tankcar #1952</li>

<li>R20 Curves (12)</li>

<li>10" Straight (2)</li>

<li>10" Terminal Track (1)</li>

<li>10" Accessory Activator Straight Track (1)</li>

<li>Powermax 40W Transformer (1)</li>


<strong>Locomotive Features:</strong>


<li>Transformer controlled forward, neutral, and reverse operation</li>

<li>Powerful maintenance-free motor with momentum flywheel</li>

<li>Directional lighting, including operating headlight and back-up light</li>

<li>Die-cast metal trucks</li>

<li>Front and rear operating couplers</li>

<li>Traction tires</li>

<li>Metal frame</li>

<li>Length: 7½"</li>


<strong>Rolling Stock Features:</strong>


<li>Die-cast metal trucks and Operating couplers</li>

<li>Metal frame</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: S Gauge  
  • Dimensions:
  • Minimum Curve: S36  
  • Road Name: Mixed Road Names
  • Road Number: