Iron Bert With LionChief Remote

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<p>Motion in operating cars and accessories RailSounds LionChief Remote Control Iron Arry and Iron Burt are ready for work down in the scrap yards and smelters sheds on the Island of Sodor. Take care that these two diesels don’t get a hold of your steam engines. They would just love to break them down! Thomas & Friends are ready!</p> <p><sub>©2014 Gullane (Thomas) Limited</sub></p><p><sub>©2014 HIT Entertainment Limited</sub></p><p><sub>HIT and HIT Logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited</sub></p>

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<li>Electric locomotive controlled by LionChief remote</li>

<li>Uniquely colored remote controller with forward and reverse speed control knob, whistle/horn, bell, and announcement buttons (requires three AAA alkaline batteries, not included)</li>

<li>RailSounds RC sound system with diesel revving and background sounds, whistle/horn, bell, and user-activated announcement</li>

<li>Moving eyes on the locomotive</li>

<li>Powerful maintenance-free motor</li>

<li>Traction tire</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: O Gauge  
  • Dimensions: Length 7 3/4"
  • Minimum Curve:  
  • Road Name:  
  • Road Number: