DT&I LEGACY™ RailSounds Scale Boom Car

SKU: 6-81887
MSRP: $239.99

<p><strong>LEGACY™ Boom Car with Crane Sounds</strong></p>

<p>Add realistic crane and work crew sounds to the action by adding a matching boom car to your crane operations! Realistic sounds are synchronized to crane actions including rotating cab, engine effort, boom and hook adjustments, and outriggers engaging. You’ll hear the work crew too as the action unfolds, and you can even add our own signature crane air horn “quill” through your CAB-2 Remote Controller.</p>

<p><strong>Matching LEGACY™ Crane Car is available</strong></p>

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<li><strong>LEGACY™ Control System</strong> equipped</li>

<li><strong>LEGACY RailSounds®</strong> sound system including diesel engine revving, air horn, sound of coupler activation, and multipart crew/foreman dialog</li>

<li>Synchronized boom, winch, and outrigger effects</li>

<li>Special start-up and shut down sequences</li>

<li>Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tabs</li>

<li>Die-cast metal flatcar</li>

<li>Wood flatcar deck</li>

<li>Metal underframe and body details</li>


Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: O Gauge  
  • Dimensions:
  • Minimum Curve:  
  • Road Name:  
  • Road Number: