CAB-1L Remote Controller

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MSRP: $149.99

<p><strong>Everything you need to start operating in the Lionel Command Control environment - and an economical way to add operators when running trains with friends! </strong></p>

<p>Whether you want to access the basic features of the LEGACY Control System or operate you older TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC) equipment, the CAB-1L remote controller allows you to walk around your layout while controlling your layout. The Base-1L receives signals from the remote and sends your commands across the layout.</p>

<p>If you already have a #992 LEGACY Base (6-14295), you can simply add one or more CAB-1L remotes to your existing LEGACY layout. </p>

<p>If you are looking to get started with the LEGACY Control System, these components are an affordable way to start unlocking many of Lionel's celebrated features. </p>

<p>Only one Base-1L is required per layout, even if you use multiple remotes.</p>

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<li>Operates many LEGACY features and most TMCC equipment</li>

<li>Operates LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle/Horn" feature in LEGACY Control System equipped locomotives</li>

<li>Works with both the #992 LEGACY Base and the Base-1L (only one required per layout)</li>

<li>Addresses 99 ENG (engine) and 99 TR (train) IDs</li>

<li>Single serial-port for limited system expansion</li>


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