#993 LEGACY Expansion Set

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<p><strong>Need additional remotes? The #993 LEGACY Expansion Set includes a #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller and a #994 LEGACY Charger.</strong></p>

<p><strong>Software Updates:</strong></p>

<a href="https://www.lionelsupport.com/service-documents/download.cfm?file=6973LEGACYv154CABBASEupdate.zip">Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.54</a>

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<ul><strong>SET INCLUDES:</strong><li>#991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller</li><li>#994 LEGACY Charger Base</li></ul><ul><strong>CHARGER BASE FEATURES:</strong><li>Built-in dock for recharging additional CAB-2 Remote Controllers</li><li>Add as many as you like to charge remotes simultaneously</li></ul>

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