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Product Specifications:

  • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 
  • Dimensions: Set Length: Approx. 62 ½”
  • Minimum Curve: O-27 
  • Road Name: Union Pacific
  • Locomotive Road Number: 2023

#1464W Union Pacific Anniversary Passenger Set

SKU: 6-38354
Lighting Magne-Traction Sounds

Famously dubbed the “Anniversary Set” by many collectors, #1464W is one of the most desirable of all Lionel postwar sets.

Introduced in 1950, it’s pulled by the early high-caliber version of Lionel’s Alco with a die-cast metal frame, rear steps, illuminated number boards, and couplers equipped on both the front and rear. The most desirable version of the U.P. Alco sporting a grey nose and grey truck side frames is included in this special re-issue. The passenger cars in the Anniversary set were new, too, painted yellow with grey roofs to match the stunning Alco s locomotives.

(Conv Alco AA Diesel #2023)
  • Set Includes
    • #2023 U.P. Alco Powered A
    • #2023 U.P. Alco Non-powered A
    • #2481 Plainfield Pullman coach
    • #2482 Westfield Pullman coach
    • #2483 Livingston Observation car
    • Each car individually boxed
    • Postwar-inspired packaging
  • Both Alco A-units Feature
    • Die-cast metal trucks
    • Die-cast metal frame
    • Frame-mounted rear steps
    • Front steps attached to the die-cast truck side frames
    • Painted grey nose, frame, and truck sides
    • Operating headlight
    • Illuminated number boards
  • Powered A-unit also Features
    • Pullmor motor
    • Electronic e-unit with Direction Lock
    • Electronic horn and bell with volume control
    • Magne-Traction
    • Traction tires
  • Passenger Cars Feature
    • Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers
    • Interior illumination
    • Removable roofs with ventilator details
    • Window silhouettes
    • Red marker lights and clear back-up lens on Observation car